PepsiCo released its full-year results today

PepsiCo released its full-year results today

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has said the company is running “multiple” at-home carbonation tests, but will only use technology that has already proven to work.

In what may have been a swipe at the Coca-Cola Co, Nooyi told analysts in a conference call today (13 February) that it is “premature to commit” to technology that doesn't yet exist. This month Coca-Cola announced a US$1.25bn partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) over the yet-to-be-launched Keurig Cold platform.

“GMCR is one option,” Nooyi said. “Interestingly there are multiple technologies out there. What we've been sorting through for the past 12 months, is making sure we don't lock and load with any technology until the technology has proven out.”

Nooyi, who was talking after PepsiCo released solid FY results today, said that the company has been working with a number of partners on tests over what she called “another distribution channel for sparkling beverages”.

She added: “We have to align with partners who we are sure will commercialise the product so we are working with multiple people.”

Asked if innovations such as at-home carbonation will change PepsiCo's relationship with its outisde bottlers, Nooyi said: “We have a good relationship with our franchisee bottlers, and they see the changing environment too. They want to work with us to make sure that together we grow the overall franchise.”

Nooyi also said change for the company will be reduced because it owns 75% of its bottler system.

“We don't have the overhang of a big independent bottler to deal with any more,” she said.