Coca-Cola Enterprises posted its Q1 results today

Coca-Cola Enterprises posted its Q1 results today

The CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has said there is "no real mystery" surrounding its talks with The Coca-Cola Co over pricing.

Speaking to analysts today, John Brock said that the company's discussions with Coca-Cola are ongoing, but noted that he is under no pressure to strike a deal over concentrate margins. "The agreement automatically renews unless we agree to change it, so it's a pretty relaxed situation," Brock said.

The talks are more about "simplifying or streamlining" the current agreement between the two companies, Brock added.

In Q1 results released today, CCE posted a fall in reported profits and sales as European currencies weakened against the US dollar. Net pricing, meanwhile, was down 2% but the company predicted pricing growth in its full-year outlook.

Asked by analysts how CCE expects to increase pricing though the year, management highlighted promotions around the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Contour bottle and Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup this year.

Brock today also hinted at a possible deal with Coca-Cola over its Innocent range of fruit juices and smoothies. The CEO said CCE has had "a variety of conversations about opportunities of working together" over the UK brand - which is currently handled by Coca-Cola - but has so far failed to reach an agreement.

"We will continue to have those conversations and it is entirely possible that we might conclude that there is something for us to do together," Brock added.

Coca-Cola took a 100% stake in Innocent in 2013 after first investing in the company in 2009.