Sweden's off-premise channel is dominated by state-owned retailer Systembolaget. With hundreds of outlets across the country, Systembolaget is the exclusive seller of all alcohol above 3.5% abv in Sweden. 

Monopoly facts from Systembolaget: 

  • Sweden's first alcohol monopoly started in the mid-1800s 
  • In 1955, local monopoly companies merged to form a single, national Systembolaget company
  • Systembolaget has a nationwide retail network of 431 stores and around 500 agents, serving smaller communities
  • Agents do not carry stock, but the product range can be ordered through them
  • Work in the stores is brand-neutral. This means promotion of individual products or producers is avoided
  • Systembolaget's mandate from the Swedish state is to help limit the medical and social harm caused by alcohol

Here, courtesy of The Swedish Institute, is a look at how the off-premise works in the country.

The Swedish Institute is a public agency set up to promote Sweden and its issues globally.