Young Brews Source : SupermarketBusiness 1998 (December) abstract : This 4-pagearticle discusses the hot beverage market in the US. Around 65% of US consumers drinkcoffee at least once a week in 1998, compared with 56% in 1995. Thirty per cent of dailycoffee drinkers are aged between 20 to 29 years. Grocery sales of ground coffee totalled$2,010m in the 52 weeks ending 13 September 1998, ahead of instant coffee with $562.4m,ground decaffinated with $324.5m, whole beans $234.6m and instant decaffinated with$196.9m. Folgers was the leading brand of coffee in the instant coffee, instantdecaffeinated coffee, ground coffee and ground decaffineated coffee sectors. Bags/loosetea is the largest sector of the tea market, taking sales of $599.3m, followed by cannedand bottled with $406.1m and instant mixes with $272.7m. Lipton was the leading brand ofcanned and bottled teas, tea bags/loose teas and instant tea mixes. Snapple was marketleader for ready-to-drink iced tea holding a 27% share in 1996.Da Vinci was market leaderin the flavoured syrups market, holding a 35% share.