Today, Gruppo Campari issued its results for 2016. The group saw its 12-month sales rise by 4%, with net profits dropping 7%. Here, just-drinks breaks down Campari's figures for last year by region and global brand.

Gruppo Campari Full-Year 2016 - Net Sales by Region

Source: Company results

  • The Americas (42.1% of total group sales in 2016) - net sales +3.5%, organic net sales +2.9%

The US, which accounts for a quarter of Campari's sales, was up 2.1% organically as Wild Turkey grew by 1.4% and Aperol by 42.8%. Sales in Jamaica were down 2.1% organically, entirely due to non-core sugar business, Campari said. Organic growth in Jamaica, excluding the sugar negative effect, was 12.9%. Sales in Brazil dropped 12.7%, affected by macro-economic woes, Campari said. Sales in Argentina climbed 42.3% driven by the good performance of Cinzano, SKYY and Aperol, as well as pricing to compensate for local inflation. Sales in Canada edged up 4.8%, driven by Forty Creek and the aperitifs. Mexico sales showed a continued double digit growth of 17%, driven by SKYY RTDs and the Jamaican rums. 

  • Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (30.9% of total group sales in 2016) - net sales +1.4%, organic net sales +2.6%

Italy, which accounts for just under a quarter of group sales, posted flat net sales. Aperitifs showed a positive trend, particularly Aperol (+4.4%) and Campari (+10.7%). Averna, Cinzano and Braulio, as well as SKYY Vodka continued to register double digit growth. The region's other countries showed overall a solid performance (+11.6%), driven by France (+54.1%), as well as good growth in Spain (Aperol) and Greece (Campari and Aperol up double digits). Travel Retail was up by 11.9%, mainly driven by GlenGrant, Aperol, Campari, Averna and Bulldog.

  • North, Central and Eastern Europe (19.9% of total group sales in 2016) - net sales +9.6%, organic net sales +11.9%

Germany sales increased by 6%, driven by Aperol (+11.3%), Ouzo (+7.4%) and Averna (+11.8%). Russia was up 27.7% organically, as the market normalised after a tough 2015 (-41.4%). Both Cinzano and Mondoro registered double-digit growth. The region's other markets registered an overall positive organic growth (+16.1%), mainly driven by UK (+47.4%).

  • Asia Pacific (7.2% of total group sales) - net sales +6.4%, organic net sales +6%

Organic sales performance in Australia was +7.2%, driven by Aperol, Wild Turkey ready-to-drink portfolio and SKYY vodka. The other markets registered an overall organic change of +3.2%, thanks to a "very good" performance in New Zealand, Campari said. Japan was down 1.4% in organic sales while trading in China "continued to be tough, Campari said.

Global Brands (organic FY sales growth)

  • Aperol +18.5%
  • SKYY -1.4%
  • Campari +8.6%
  • Wild Turkey +1%
  • Jamaican rums +2%

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