SABMiller released its full-year sales and volumes performance today

SABMiller released its full-year sales and volumes performance today

Today, SABMiller reported a 4% rise in full-year sales despite a flat performance from North America. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the numbers:

  • Latin America

The group's reported sales in the region grew by 7% with volumes up 3%. Lager volumes increased by 3%. In Colombia, sales growth of 6% reflected selective price increases and beverage volume growth of 2%, SABMiller said. In Peru, group sales were up by 5% driven by a 4% lift in total volumes. Lager volumes increased by 2%. In Ecuador, group sales growth of 10% was said to be underpinned by price increases in the latter half of the prior year, and the "continuing robust growth" of Pilsener Light, which drove lager volume growth of 2%.

  • Africa

Group sales in the region were up by 9% as volumes increased by 5%. Lager volumes grew by 4% for the full year. In South Africa, SABMiller saw sales climb by 9% while in Tanzania, group sales were up 6%. Group sales in Mozambique jumped by 22% and. Zambia sales grew by 3%. In Nigeria, group sales growth "remained strong, with volume growth supported by incremental capacity", SABMiller said. The company said there were "challenges" in Zimbabwe because of the economic environment, and group sales were down 5%. Soft drinks volume growth of 9% in Africa was driven by all countries except Zimbabwe.

  • Asia Pacific

Regional sales increased by 1% in Asia Pacific for the full year despite a volumes decline of 2%. SABMiller said the performance was down to premiumisation in China. In Australia, sales declined by 2%, reflecting a volumes decrease of 1%. In China, sales grew by 2% as a 3% volume slip was offset by continued premiumisation, driving sales-per-hectolitre growth of 5%. In India, sales increased by 6%, reflecting price increases across several states.

  • Europe

The region posted 2% sales growth with sales-per-hectolitre rising by 1%. Total beverage volumes grew by 1% with lager volumes coming in level with the prior year. In the integrated Czech and Slovakia business, sales were up by 4% with volumes climbing 5%. In Poland, volumes increased by 2%, although sales declined by 2%. In the UK, sales increased by 4% driven by the "continued strong performance" of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, SABMiller said. Sales declined by 1% in Italy, in line with the volume decline.

  • North America

North America sales were in line with the prior year. In the US, SABMiller's JV with Molson Coors, MillerCoors, saw US domestic sales to retailers (STRs) decline by 2.3% for the full year and by 2.7% in the fourth quarter. For the full year, both Coors Light and Miller Lite STRs fell by low single-digits.