A-B InBev reported its Q3 and YTD results earlier today

A-B InBev reported its Q3 and YTD results earlier today

Earlier today, Anheuser-Busch InBev reported a single-digit rise in group nine-month profits and sales. Here just-drinks takes a more detailed look at the company's performance: 


North America 

Q3 volumes fell by 1.9% in the region, while nine-month volumes dropped 2.8%, the group said. US sales to retailers (STRs) fell by 1% in the third-quarter, and by 2.2% in the year-to-date. Beer sales per hectolitre grew by 3.2% in Q3 and 3.7% in YTD. Canada beer volumes slid by 2.2% in Q3 and 2.9% in the nine months. 

EBITDA in the region grew by 0.9% in the YTD to US$5.2bn. 


Volumes fell 2.3% in the quarter in the region, held back by a soft economy and extreme weather. Beer sales per hectolitre grew by 6.1% in Q3. EBITDA in Q3 grew by 69.7% to $537m due to the “implementation of manufacturing best practices, procurement initiatives and overhead reductions”. 

Latin America North 

Volumes in the quarter fell by 4%, with beer volumes down by 4.8% and soft drinks falling by 2.1%. Beer volumes in the YTD fell by 4.4%. 

In Brazil, Q3 beer volumes dropped by 5% and 4.7% in the YTD. 

EBITDA in the region rose by 5.5% to $3.7bn in the nine months. 

Latin American South 

Volumes fell by 0.3% in Q3, while nine-month volumes dropped by 4.5%. In Argentina, beer volumes grew by 0.5% in Q3, while YTD volumes fell by 3.6%. 

Nine-month EBITDA in the region rose by 15.5%. 

Western Europe 

Beer volumes in Q3 were flat, while nine-month volumes fell by 4.4%. Belgium Q3 beer volumes rose by 0.4%, but Germany fell by 3.5%. In the UK, volumes, including cider, grew by 4.2% in Q3. EBITDA in the region fell 2.7% to $838m. 

Central & Eastern Europe 

Volumes fell by 18.9% in Q3, the company said, while nine-month volumes slid by 13.3%. Russia Q3 beer volumes fell 13.4%, while in Ukraine volumes fell 26.2%.  

Regional EBITDA in the nine months was up 17.2% year-on-year at $184m. 


Q3 beer volumes grew by 8.4%, YTD volumes rose by 8.8%. In China, beer volumes grew by 8.3% in Q3 and 8.8% in the nine months. EBITDA in the region jumped 32% to $496m in the YTD. 


A-B InBev reported that global Budweiser volumes grew by 8.1% in Q3, helped by “strong growth” in China, Brazil and the UK. The company's new “flagship brand”, Corona, grew 3.7% in the quarter, due to “strong” performances in Mexico and the brand’s “main export markets outside the US”.