Good Prospects For FlavourCompounds In West European Soft Drinks Market Into The Year 2000 From a recent quantitative analysis of boththe non-alcoholic beverage and flavour compound market we conclude that flavour companiescan continue to benefit from the many changes taking place in this sector. In our study welinked the Canadean country brand volume figures for soft drinks with the flavourinformation data gathered via our Brand*Pak database. Brand*Pak contains all the on-packinformation of over 6,000 soft drinks in Europe including declared juice content and otherflavour data. This allows us not only to keep track of ingredient formulation changestwice per year, but also to either analyse the products or estimate dosage rates for eachindividual soft drink brand. Using this brand level or "ground up" approach wehave calculated the use of individual flavor compounds not only by brand but also bycompany, by soft drinks category, by flavour and so on. We share some of our majorconclusions here with you.