Europe is the fastest-growing region for ‘Internet of Things’ (Iot) hirings among beverage companies, according to recent research.

In the three months to the end of December, the number of IoT-related positions advertised in the region accounted for 25.7% of total vacancies related to the theme – an increase on the 13% level during the same quarter a year earlier. Europe was followed by Asia-Pacific, which saw a -6.5 year-on-year percentage point change in IoT roles.

The figures are compiled by GlobalData, which tracks the number of new job postings from key companies in various industries. Using textual analysis, these job ads are then classified thematically to gauge which companies are best placed to weather future industry disruptions.

The research is designed to show which companies are leading the way on specific issues as well as where the market is expanding and contracting.

Which countries are seeing the most growth for IoT job ads in the drinks industry?

The fastest growing country was France, which accounted for 14.3% of all IoT job adverts in Q4. Twelve months earlier, the country's proportion was just 1.9%. 

France was followed by the UK (increasing by 2.4 percentage points), Ireland (rising 1.4), and Mexico (up 1.2).

The US was the largest market for IoT roles in beverages, accounting for 35.7% of all the country's job vacancies in drinks in the quarter.

Which cities are the biggest hubs for IoT workers in the drinks industry?

The leading cities were St Louis in the US and Hyderabad in India, each home to 14.3% of beverages' IoT vacancies in the quarter. The pair were followed by Barcelona with 5.7% and Dunkerque in France with 4.3%.

Methodology: GlobalData’s ‘Job Analytics’ enables an understanding of hiring trends, strategies and predictive signals across sectors, themes, companies and geographies. Intelligent web crawlers capture data from publicly available sources. Key parameters include active, posted and closed jobs, posting duration, experience, seniority level, educational qualifications and skills.

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