Premium positioning continues to be a key theme in the soft drinks sector, with dynamic launch activity for adult-targeted products. New launches highlighted on Datamonitor's new product tracking database, the Worldwide Innovations Network, reveal that energy & sports drinks and iced tea/coffee in particular are proving to be key focus areas.

Nestlé recently announced plans to launch its Nescafé Ice coffee drink nationwide in the UK. Aimed at young adults, the drink comes in a 280ml bottle and retails at a recommended price of £0.99. The vanilla and mocha variants were test-marketed in 1999. Twinings' latest addition to its range of ready-to-drink products in the UK is one based on green tea. Two variants have been launched in the UK, namely green tea & mandarin and green tea & lemon. They are both presented in the new 250ml cardboard cans recently introduced to Twinings' iced tea range. Meanwhile in the US, Minute Maid has launched Lemonade Iced Tea, a 50/50 blend of the company's own lemonade and iced tea. In addition to the 1.892l cartons which will retail at $1.79-$1.99, it will also be available frozen in concentrated form in 355ml cans ($1.09-$1.29).

Tea and coffee are not alone in getting the ice treatment; Ice Cocoa is a new beverage from Morinaga & Co. in Japan. Aimed at adults, the ready-to-drink cocoa retails at a recommended price of ¥150 for a 190ml can.

Energy and sports drinks have survived their 'fad' phase, with the sector attracting new launches: The Virgin Cola Company in the UK is launching a three-strong range of energy drinks called dt. The name stands for 'daytime' and the drinks are non-alcoholic versions of the new vodka-based nt (night time) pre-mix. dt comes in three variants, namely mixed fruits, ice and sea breeze. Power Cell is a new revitalising power drink from Fontana Drinks. Made with aronia berry juice, the product acts to supply positive health benefits to consumers. It is aimed not only at the trend-conscious, but also at sportsmen and women.

GoPack Superdrinks has launched Umbro Hypotonic under licence. The orange & pineapple energy drink is designed to rehydrate the body and replenish energy lost through physical exercise. It is presented in three formats, namely a 500ml sports bottle (£0.99), 250ml can (£0.49) and 330ml foil pouch (£0.66). As well as the Umbro sports brand name, the product benefits from approval by the BUPA healthcare association.

In the US Triarc Beverage has launched Zotics, a six-strong range of fruit drinks under its Mistic brand name. Aimed at young adults, the vitamin-enriched drinks are presented in 591ml glass bottles. Also in the US, Uptime Sports has launched Team Uptime Ginseng Juice Boost energy drink. Aimed at sports people, the drink has a unique balance of ancient herbs including Ginseng, Q10 and Ginkgo Biloba. The sports drink is presented in a 250ml can and retails at $0.90.

Taking the energy theme a step further, Reset is a unique hangover "cure" from Joseph Group in the US, designed to replenish the electrolytes and fluids lost through the dehydrating effects of alcohol. It is also said to dilate the blood vessels, increasing the circulation and delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain. The drink is said to relieve the effects of a hangover in 15-30 minutes.

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