To the strains of the crooner's anthem "Night and Day", Cointreau's new international advertising campaign attempts to evoke the smooth, chic cocktail lifestyle popular with the 25+ market.

Under the strapline 'Glow with Cointreau', the four print and poster advertisements use strong, fluorescent graphics and encourage young drinkers, particularly women, to experiment with different mixes.

"This new campaign reflects this drive for a new approach for consumers to consider choosing Cointreau. It combines stylish imagery with a real sense of what the authentic Cointreau taste is all about…and uniquely embodies the sensations of drinking Cointreau via eye-catching graphic techniques," said John Ashmore, Cointreau's international marketing director.

According to the company, compared to the general malaise surrounding the liqueur sector, Cointreau's sales are rising. Overall, the brand's sales increased by 4% in 1999, with the US contributing a substantial 25% increase. Europe and Japan also showed growth. If an renaissance is coming for the traditional orange-based aperitif, then it will be pushed by bartenders who are also a target market for the brand this year. On-trade promotions will appear in the next few months, highlighting cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan, The Sidecar and The Original Margarita. Another old favourite is the Manhattan, which is being revitalised by combining Canadian Club and Cointreau, and a dash of bitters.

Selective bars will receive a brass partnership plate, engraved with "Cointreau Inside", to guide consumers.

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