Coca-Cola Co performance by region

Coca-Cola Co performance by region

Yesterday, The Coca-Cola Co reported a 5% slip in sales in its third quarter. Here, just-drinks takes a look at how each region has performed for the soft drinks giant in the three months and nine months to 2 October:

Eurasia and Africa

In reported terms, net sales fell 15% in the quarter and 9% in the YTD.  Organically, sales were up by 2% and 4% over the two time periods, respectively.

Volumes in Q3 were up by 4% and by 4% in the nine-month period. Still beverages performed well in the quarter, although overall price/mix in the period dipped by 2%. Over the first nine months, total price/mix was flat.

The company said sparkling beverage volume growth was driven by 4% growth in trademark Coca-Cola and 7% growth in Sprite. Still beverage volume growth was primarily driven by 6% growth in juice and juice drinks and 8% growth in packaged water. 

In terms of geography, the company said unit case volume growth was driven by 11% growth in its Central, East & West Africa business unit and 7% growth in the Middle East & North Africa business unit. Growth in these markets was partially offset by a high single-digit decline in Russia


Reported net sales from Europe fell by 7% in Q3 and by 7% in the YTD. In organic terms, they were up 3% for both periods. Volumes were up by 4% in the three-month period, inching up 1% in the year-to-date. Still beverages drove the performance, with sparkling beverages flat for the nine month period.

The company said positive price/mix across certain markets was offset by unfavourable geographic mix primarily due to strong concentrate sales growth in its Central and Southern Europe business unit. 

Sparkling beverage volume growth was driven by 9% growth in Coke Zero and 6% growth in Fanta, partially offset by a 6% decline in Diet Coke/Coke Light. Still beverage volume growth included double-digit growth in packaged water, sports drinks and the innocent brand

Latin America

Reported net sales struggled in the region: In Q3 sales fell by 14% and by 10% in the YTD. However, sales were up 14% and 12% respectively, in organic terms. In volume terms, however, sales rose by 2% in the third quarter and by 1% in the nine-month period. The company said unit case volume growth was driven by 4% growth in both Mexico and its Latin Centre business unit and 3% growth in the South Latin business unit. Growth in these markets was partially offset by a 4% decline in Brazil.  

North America

Reported net sales from North America inched up 1% in Q3 and by 3% in the YTD. Organic sales were up 3% and 6% respectively. Volumes rose by 1% in the three-month period, inching up 1% in the year-to-date. 

The company said organic revenue growth in the quarter was driven by positive price/mix. Acquisitions and divestitures primarily reflect the unfavourable impact of refranchised territories, partially offset by the benefit of the expanded distribution of Monster Beverage products in North America

Asia Pacific

Reported net sales from the region fell 11% in Q3 and by 7% in the YTD. In organic terms, sales were down 1% in the quarter and up 2% in the YTD. Volumes rose by 4% in the three-month period, inching up 3% in the year-to-date. The company said: "Acquisitions and divestitures primarily reflect the unfavourable impact from the brand transfer agreement associated with the closing of the transaction with Monster Beverage Corporation."

Unit case volume growth in the quarter reflected 5% growth in China and 4% growth in India, partially offset by a 2% decline in Japan. China's performance included double-digit growth in trademark Coca-Cola