Having already sold 5m units this year in The Netherlands, the latest product to ride the club culture wave is a pre-packaged spirit with a difference - its frozen.

Freaky Ice is the brainchild of Dutchman Hank Sweep. Sweep who worked in the clubbing industry noticed the high incidence of clubbers eating frozen water to cool off. "I then came up with the idea to substitute water ice for alcohol ice," said Sweep.

After considerable research into ways of freezing alcohol, the result was Freaky Ice. The ice pops come in five flavours, whisky & cola, rum & cola, cocktail, vodka & energy and the non-alcoholic energy flavour.

Sweep is targeting club land in particular, but the product is also available in bars, off-licences, beach bars and at music events. However, the product will not be stocked in supermarkets.

Sweep says this is because supermarkets have no age restrictions to enter and buy goods and he also wants the product to have some exclusivity.

Sweep has been at pains to spare Freaky Ice the condemnation that alcopops received over promoting under age drinking. The ice pops have an adult packaging, carry a "For adult use only" warning on the cover and have even received an approval letter from a government minister who was pleased with the product's self-regulation.

Sweep said: "Freaky Ice has an adult look, people notice immediately that Freaky Ice is not a child's ice pop. We said and still say no to the supermarkets. The consumer can only buy Freaky Ice in places where there is an age limit of entry or an age limit of buying."

Available in Holland and recently launched in Spain and Malta, "where they are doing even better than the Dutch market", Freaky Ice retails for between £1.50 and £2.50 in clubs and bars. Where they are sold in off-licences the retail price varies between £0.70 and £0.90.

Freaky Ice is backed by a marketing campaign that includes bar displays, stickers and other above-the-line promotional activities. These include the Freaky Ice girls who wander through venues selling direct to the customer. Sales are said to triple with the use of this tactic.

For more information on Freaky Ice please contact Hank Sweep on tel: +31 (0) 13 545 63 09; email: info@freakyice.nl or go to www.freakyice.nl

Chris Brook-Carter