just-drinks, in association with The IWSR, presents this seven-part review of the global gin category. In part five, we look at the consumer and category trends that have come into play for the sector.

Many factors underpin the current surge in interest in gin, not least a generational shift as younger consumers turn away from vodka in favour of the perceived authenticity and distinctive flavours of gin.

The rejuvenation of the category also owes much to the reinvention of the humble gin & tonic, in the UK, Spain and other markets. Premium tonic waters, exotic garnishes and new glassware have all increased the sense of theatre in bars.

Tradition and innovation are also driving a renewed gin cocktail boom as bartenders rediscover classic drinks and come up with their own imaginative combinations.

There is little sign of consumer interest in gin diminishing at the moment, but some markets are beginning to mature, characterised by slowing super-premium growth and expansion of the standard segment.

Consumer Key Views

  • Review

Gin's current boom can be attributed to a number of factors: generational shifts in consumption habits, a new-found quest for 'authenticity', plus a revolution in the way that the spirit – and the gin & tonic especially – is presented.

  • Insight

Gin provides a counterpoint to vodka as growth for the latter slows, displaying an authentic image not enjoyed by most flavoured vodkas, and a distinctive character and flavour lacking in most mainstream vodka brands.

  • Forecast

As the current vogue for premium-plus gin matures in its main markets, the category will broaden, bringing more price-conscious consumers into regular consumption and, once again, expanding the standard segment.

  • Strategy

Gin's last 'boom' lasted 20 years, but brand owners will have to keep finding new ways of engaging a far more fickle and curious Millennial consumer base, if current levels of momentum are to be maintained.

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All data has been sourced from just drinks' joint report with The IWSR, Global Gin Insights.