Earlier today, Carlsberg released its full-year results for 2016. The brewer saw net profits return after reporting losses in 2016, although sales in the 12 months of last year slipped by 4%. Here, just-drinks considers Carlsberg's performance over the last five years.

Carlsberg's Full-Year Net Sales 2012-2016

Source: Company results

Despite a slight lift in sales in 2015, Carlsberg has seen its top-line struggle over the last five years. In the 12 months of 2016, sales fell by 5.8% on the DKK66.47bn reported in 2012, coming in at DKK62.61bn (US$9.01bn).

Carlsberg's Full-Year Net Profits 2012-2016

Source: Company results

The group's net profits have slipped back over the five years. The losses reported in 2015 were the result of one-off items, hence the bounce-back last year. Comparing figures for 2016 to 2014, net profits actually rose, by 1.8%.

Carlsberg's Full-Year Operating Profits 2012-2016

Source: Company results

Operating profits have endured a steadily-downward trajectory over the last five years. From DKK9.79bn in FY 2012, the company has seen its operating profits tumble by 15.7% to DKK8.25bn.

Carlsberg's Full-Year Beer Volumes 2012-2016

Source: Company results

As the top-line has slid in the last five years, so have the group's beer volumes. Last year, they hit a new low of 116.9m hectolitres. However, Carlsberg benefitted from a number of acquisitions in Asia in 2014, resulting in a 2.6% volumes lift, year-on-year.

Carlsberg's Full-Year Net Sales by Region 2012-2016

Source: Company results

Western Europe is very much the bedrock for Carlsberg, accounting for around 60% of group sales. The region has reported only minor top-line movement in the last five years, with 2016's DKK37.6bn lining up neatly with the DKK37.73bn reported in 2012. Where things get interesting is in the group's other two divisions. Carlsberg's market dominance in Russia has hampered its sales in the Eastern Europe region. Conversely, Asia has grown in size, overtaking Eastern Europe's sales in 2015. Will Asia become Carlsberg's engine going forward?

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