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By: Chris Brook-Carter - 1 October 2003 17:22

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The press release I received yesterday from the Bruichladdich distillery is without question the best I have ever had since becoming a drinks journalist.
Indeed, it took me a couple of reads before I realised that the distillery's claims the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency where actually concerned it was anthrax or the like rather than malt whisky it was producing wasn't some joke.
Best of all is that the defense agency became concerned after watching the distillery's production process from the webcams on Bruichladdich's website - is it normal for Bin Laden and his cohorts to televise their operations?
Having noticed that one of the webcams was no longer functioning and therefore apparently becoming more suspicious, the Agency, rather than send a man into such a dangerous operation, sent an email which was "curious as to why the webcam that was inside the shop/bar is no longer there, or at least, functional". Good to know we are in such safe hands.
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