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When it comes to booze, the hair never lies

By: Olly Wehring - 18 April 2007 16:23

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Apparently, in New Zealand, there’s now a service that can reveal your alcohol history through your hair. Yes, your hair. It’s like Quincy. But better. Be very afraid.

The NZ Drug Detection Agency (NZDDA) is offering up the results to clinics, treatment centres and law practices in the country. The agency said today (18 April) that, as the hair grows, it absorbs special markers called fatty acid ethyl esters and ethyl glucuronide into its structure, which remains in the hair indefinitely.

“It gives a history going back month by month or even years if required.’’ said the NZDDA.

The new service is set to identify long-term alcoholics in an attempt to reform them.

Now, anyone else thinking of doing a Britney?

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Hmm.. Can they tell the brand too?


Parikshit Dhingra, India

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When it comes to booze, the hair never lies

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