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Olly Wehring | 24 October 2008

I was sorry to read today (24 October) that Tom Flocco is to stand down as president and CEO of Beam Global Spirits & Wine.

I've met Tom on the one occasion, and spoken to him several times in the last 12 months. The first time was when he called me up on the day Pernod beat Beam Global to win Vin & Sprit, back in April. He was as candid and honest about the situation then, as he was when I met up with him when he came to Scotland in May, to attend the World Whisky Conference, an occasion that became our interview of the month.

Last month, Tom again called me, to discuss the end of Future Brands, and what plans Beam had in place for the demise of Maxxium.

Whilst Tom was very upbeat in September about Beam Global's prospects, it would appear he feels the time is right to hand over the tiller, after over four years at the helm.

Tom leaves the drinks industry with my best wishes, and my gratitude for both his openness and accessibility.

And, for a CEO, that says an awful lot.


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