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This nearly happened today...

By: Olly Wehring - 28 June 2011 15:56

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Among the many stories we cover here on just-drinks are announcements of advertising campaigns. Be they TV, out-of-home or print, we endeavour to cover as many of these as we can.

However, it now appears that we ought to consider announcements of advertising campaigns that companies have not quite succeeded in setting up.

A release yesterday (27 June) from the Hill Smith family, owners of the Oxford Landing Australian wine brand, gave details of how they had hoped to secure a tie-up here in London with the owner of the Underground, Transport for London.

I'll let the video detail their plans, which were turned down by TFL because "our stations aren't for sale", apparently. But, I will say this: If we're going to have to report on things that didn't quite happen, I'm going to need a bigger crew.

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This nearly happened today...

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