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Chris Brook-Carter | 13 June 2005

It’s nice to come back to sun in the UK after an uncanny ability to act as a rainmaker in Australia for the last three weeks - despite all the TV coverage of a drought in the country. But the weather aside, I was sad to leave Oz after a great holiday and an extremely productive week’s work in Adelaide.

A huge thanks to everyone who did so much to make me feel so welcome whilst I was in Adelaide and the Barrossa. Although it’s perhaps not the fashion in the UK press these days, I continue to be extremely impressed by the Australian wine industry, its focus, professionalism and above all its unity of purpose.

Is there another sector that works together to achieve collective goals as well? If there is I am not sure I have come across it.

From small to large producer and throughout the many trade associations they belong to, the message about what needs to be achieved and how best to go about it is so uniform, whoever you talk to, that it’s a little uncanny.

The message being peddled currently is the relaunch of the Brand Australia export push, which focuses on the need to educate markets on Australia’s diverse wine offering.

Of course, it is easy on a trip like this to see everything through rose-tinted glasses and one mustn’t forget the huge problems the Australian wine industry is facing as a consequence of the oversupply, foreign exchange rates and the growth of the budget market.

However, the overall feel I got from my many meetings was one of optimism as the country’s generic campaign rebrands.

That the country’s producers have successfully agreed a vibrant generic message when the interests of those looking to benefit from that message are so diverse, bodes well for another successful stage in Australia’s export efforts.


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