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The glory days of a pint at lunch - RIP?

By: Olly Wehring - 12 May 2006 17:29

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Now, some of our readers will remember with fondness the halcyon days when a beer or two at lunchtime wasn't just a well-earned treat, it was almost compulsory. I, sadly, missed the boat on the lunchtime-drinking-becoming-half-a-day-in-the-pub times of journalism. But I'm told that it was great.

A survey from law firm Browne Jacobson, meanwhile, has found that 57% of businesses in the UK now actually ban drinking during the working day.

This reminds me of the story we wrote last year about the Danish brewery workers who went on strike when management limited when and where they could drink the product they made.

I'm very interested to know, therefore, how this works out at other alcoholic drinks companies. Are you allowed a drink? Are you even encouraged to have a drink? Or is it strictly hands off until after five?

Do let me know.


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During the 18 years I worked at the Brahma Breweries, from 1972 t0 1989, it was okay for workers to drink pasteurized beer from large jugs jugs in the plants, while staffers drank same from 300ml glasses in the staff self service restaurants and management and directors drank from 300ml cristal glasses in restaurants with service. The same throughout some 20 branches. The other choice was to drink Guaraná or other Brahma soft drinks or Tonic Water,Soda or just plain filtered water. Those on diets or medical restrictions could ask for milk(urgh!). I left the company, then dominated by several family shareholders about six months before control was taken over by an Investment Bank and sure enough, many things began to change!A few years later Brahma Breweries absorbed (bought) the Antarctica Group to become AMBEV in a move that very strangely got past the CADE (Brazil's so-called anti-monopoly agency) giving AMBEV over 70% of the market! Just a few years later AMBEV was absorbed by Belgian based INBEV and so ceased to be a Brazilian Company. Oh well, a well known brazilian economist once said Brazil's social status was a mixture of Belgium. and Bangladesh! So I rather doubt employees of the InBev group here and in Belgium are allowd to drink as much beer as they feel fit anymore...you could check this out at their Brussels headquarters, no?!


Peter Armstrong, Brazil

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The glory days of a pint at lunch - RIP?

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