Blog: The apprentice tackles the LIWF

Michelle Russell | 23 May 2008

This year's London International Wine Fair was a first for just-drinks reporter Michelle Russell. Here are some of her thoughts after a tiring and eventful three days.

Like a new recruit to Sir Alan Sugar’s boardroom, I recently became an apprentice myself – to the drinks industry.

This week was my first experience of the London International Wine Fair. An event spanning three days, in which I was to meet some of the biggest players in the wine and spirits industry, while also on the look out for scoops.

I went in feet first, ready to tackle anything that came my way. Including, of course, any wine tasting, for which my glass was always at the ready.

And so I write this on the slow train back to Birmingham where I can finally sit down, rest my weary feet and reflect on the last few days.

My visit to London certainly passed in somewhat of a blur…. a blur of meetings, seminars, news writing and the odd spot of lunch, if the opportunity arose.

I met some of the nicest people in the industry, an industry that feels extremely inviting and incredibly fun to be in.

Yet change in the industry seems almost continual and with that I feel I have a lot yet to learn.

But with Olly leading the way, I feel my knowledge of the industry is certainly greater leaving Excel’s doors than it was entering on Tuesday.

So with my feet nicely rested and the echo of Brummie accents in the distance, I pass on the wine just this once and sit back with a cup of Chiltern Railways’ finest brew.



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