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Olly Wehring | 20 October 2009

just-drinks has rejected a day on the beach to spend today roaming the floor of the TFWA expo in Cannes. The things we do for you, dear readers.

Consensus on the floor is that the 2009 show has attracted fewer visitors than in recent years. You could hear a pin drop in the press office this afternoon - a place usually bustling with hungry journalists at any trade show.

However, once one is past the masses of security guards (perhaps they are to be included in the visitor figures?), unhelpful attendants, stupendously overpriced coffee and general pomp of this show, one can find a few green shoots of optimism among the duty-free afficionados on the floor.

There is hope, at least, that the worst is over for duty-free in the global economic downturn; that the sector has hit the bottom of the curve and may again begin to creep upwards.

"Some companies are saying that they believe October this year will be better than October last year. We think it should be," said Wojtek Wydro, managing director of duty free at French group Belvedere, which owns Danzka and Sobieski vodka brands.

Fingers crossed, then.


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