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Surprising(?) figures on UK wine consumers

By: Chris Mercer - 23 November 2011 15:25

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Figures released by Accolade Wines show that half of "regular" wine drinkers in the UK don't know that Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine. And, that's not all.

Among the other insights offer by Accolade's Wine Nation report, published today (23 November), is that only around one in four of wine drinkers questioned knew that Rioja is a wine producing region. 

I could carry on, but you get the idea. Of course, it's easy for everyone within the wine industry to sit around chortling about the ignorance of the uncivilised, plonk-swigging masses.

But, before anyone does, is it important that people don't know whether Rioja is a region or simply a type of wine? If they like the style and they seek out the name, one could argue that's all that matters.

I'm all for a bit of education, but you can't force it down people's throats. Many UK consumers buy wine on promotion and will continue to do so until the juice runs dry. Some will take greater interest in the styles on offer. Before that, though, they need to learn to enjoy wine.


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Well goodness me Chris, so no surprises there then!

However rather then some detached and probably expensive research we've just carried out the UK's most in-depth wine research and sampling operation - Get Wine Wise 2011, check it out on Wink this proves exactly what Accolade's Wine Nation Report indicates, but it went further in that it actually tested consumer knowledge against sampling wines at the same time!

Get Wine Wise was based on the the UK's favourite wine countries and styles and was sponsored by some of the UK's biggest brands.The objective of Get Wine Wise was precisely to educate consumers and to help them make informed, not deal driven choices with an integrated wine educational campaign which combined an experiential RoadShow at Tesco Extras, plus supporting media and promotions.

And yes we found that there is a marked lack of knowledge; New World vs Old World, what's the difference between Shiraz and Syrah, why's White Zin called White when its pink etc etc, even if wine was made from grapes - yes really!

However equally and most importantly there was a strong and growing thirst for knowledge (no pun intended) as we found that a majority of consumers really, genuingly wanted to know more about wine and to know what they could like or not; that's exactly what Get Wine Wise showed them in a practical and non-snobbish manner!

The results were exceptional with incredibly high consumer and store GSM acceptance, significantly increased awrness and understanding and, oh-yes greatly increased sales, the majority at full RSP!Smile So do check out Get Wine Wise on and yes it'll be back, by very popular demand next year!Wink


Brian George - Get Wine Wise said at 1:35 pm, November 28, 2011

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Surprising(?) figures on UK wine consumers

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