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Red Bull given an early Bath

By: Olly Wehring - 25 January 2007 16:05

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Students at Bath University are being advised to resist the lures of a drink that could interrogate their minds. Only this time it is non-alcoholic for once.

Red Bull has been singled out for its campus promotion because the cans it has been handing out give tips on how to cheat in their exams.

According to the Bath Chronicle, Red Bull attached a slip of paper to each can, saying: “If you’ve got a long day and an even longer night ahead, here are some wiiings to help it fly by. But... if you didn’t come to university to sit in the library and hang out with books all day and night then pack them away and go and have a good time. Just write the most important points on the back of this pull-out, take it to your exam under the bottom of a Red Bull can, then, take a sip and a sneaky peak.”

Red Bull said the promotion was run “to make you smile”, but the newspaper found one student who failed to see the funny side of it. “This undermines the integrity of students and the whole exam procedure,” he told the paper.

I am sure this voice does not represent the majority of students in the UK. If it does, then the Austrian energy drinks manufacturer should remove the taurine, adopt an all-grey can and rename itself Red Dull. 

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It is actions such as Red Bull telling students (even in jest) to put answers on their can that gives the industry a black eye and, in my opinion, all persons involved with this stupid idea should be fired!! It is similar to Beefeater, a number of years ago, producing a back card for use in retail stores, that said "Gin and Sin"...That was pulled out of the States ASAP. These ideas, funny or smart as they may seem, do not enhance the industry's position as to reducing underage drinking, equating drinking and sex, and drinking and moral ethics.


Norman Weiner, United States

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Red Bull given an early Bath

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