Blog: Olly WehringPostcard from Cape Town - #1

Olly Wehring | 24 September 2008

Greetings from South Africa, where we're into day two of Cape Wine 2008. This biennial, three-day event started yesterday (23 September) and is being held at the International Conference Centre in Cape Town.

I've actually been here since last Friday (19 September), as a guest of Wines of South Africa, and I'll be taking the opportunity to play tourist over the coming weekend. Highlights of the trip so far have included a glass or two of bubbles atop Table Mountain in the sunshine on Saturday, the clearing of cobwebs with a fly-fishing trip the following morning, cooking our own dinner with Constellation last night and a helicopter ride earlier today out of Cape Town to the Fairhills wine projects (sadly cut short by rain).

The fair itself is also pretty good, with folk from wine companies from around the country eager to share their thoughts. I'm here to write up an overview/SWOT analysis on the South African wine market (some of you - okay, I mean, my mother - may remember the Argentina and California reports I've written in recent years).

If you've an opinion you'd like to air on this sector, or if you're at the show and would like to bend my ear personally, then drop me a line at

Meantime, here's the obligatory shot of me doing something swanky, in this case, waiting for the cable car to Table Mountain. Don't hate me.


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