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My dry NY resolution - made it!

By: Olly Wehring - 31 January 2008 16:00

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Well, here we are at the end of January. I flag this up, only to have the opportunity to boast of succeeding with my (only) New Year resolution.

One month off the sauce – dry. And I made it. But it wasn’t easy, believe me. A stag party around London town, the subsequent wedding, a cocktail party with Stolichnaya to celebrate Russian New Year and countless meet-ups with friends who think I’ve totally lost it and will have “just the one, Olly. Come on”.

But no, not me – I’m made of sterner stuff.

The only issue I have to struggle with now is, do I continue with this abstinent form of sado-masochism indefinitely? Or have I achieved what I set out to do?

I’m away for two days next week to Champagne with Mumm. I could either view this as the ultimate test… or the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Your vote counts – that’s right. The choice is your’s…

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C'mon, Olly... The Just-Drinks Editor-in-Chief in Champagne to visit Mumm? That's like trying to sneak a lambchop past a wolf! Enjoy!


Mike Morales, United States

No better way to Celebrate!! Go for it!!


alex, Malta



Natalie Kateley-Duff, United Kingdom

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My dry NY resolution - made it!

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