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By: Chris Brook-Carter - 9 January 2004 13:34

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We reported this story - in fact, I think it was Musty Bunches who picked up on it - some time last year. However, with the official release closing in, its worth a recap.

The Japanese brewer Kirin Brewery has recreated "as accurately as possible" the beer of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt by employing an experimental archaeological technique at its brewery in Amagi.

Of all the new product launches this year to add interest to the beer category, it will probably be the strangest - and possibly one of the strongest at 10% (how did they ever get those pyramids built?).

There are no plans reported of a commercial launch and those wishing to taste the beer will have to get information from the brewery itself, although 200 "lucky" winners will be picked from a hat to taste the beer in late February. Given that the company has interpreted wall paintings illustrating the beer-making process in the New Kingdom dating from 1570-1070 BC to come up with the recipe, the results will be interesting to say the least.

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