Blog: Olly WehringMoët & Chandon - I'm about to meet a star!

Olly Wehring | 24 March 2009

Today (24 March) has been Moët & Chandon day here in London.

First up, I met for lunch this afternoon with, among others, company president Frédéric Cuménal and Christophe Navarre, president of parent company Moët Hennessy.

Tonight, in a couple of hours, I'm going to be in attendance when the company unveils the latest (ahem) "muse" for its Champagne brand.

Sure, "muse" is 21st century-speak for celebrity endorsement, but I still can't help being just a little excited at the prospect of meeting this Hollywood A-lister...

... whose name I can't reveal for another two hours.

I'll try Twittering live from tonight's event, so get following.


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