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Olly Wehring | 24 March 2009

Glancing around last week's IFE show in London, just-drinks' gaze was drawn by a new drinks start-up that is producing an intriguing beverage by the name of 'Liquid Smoking'.

Admittedly, this sounds about as appetizing as a mouthful of cigarette ash, but we thought it was worth closer inspection.

Dan Koziol, sales manager for Mr Martin's Liquid Smoking (to use the full name), told just-drinks that the drink is designed to give the "high of a cigarette, but without the nicotine". The cans carry a similar design to a cigarette packet.

Unlike an energy drink, Koziol says that Liquid Smoking is designed to have a relaxing effect. It is made and sold in the Netherlands, but is not currently available in the UK. 

After a somewhat suspicious sniff of the samples on offer, just-drinks dived in for a taste. Liquorice dominates and, we have to admit, that the overrall taste is better than you'd perhaps expect.

So, what's in it? Koziol says that the drink is based on an African herbal remedy. A closer look at the can reveals only that the drink contains an unspecified "natural herbal extract", alongside more usual ingredients, including sucralose, citric acid and carbonated water.

On showing a sample to my friend, his first reaction to this was: "Mate, is this legal?". It is legal, says the company, but the jury is out on how successul this can be in today's competitive drinks market. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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