Blog: Olly WehringLawnmower tops the sound of summer

Olly Wehring | 29 July 2008

The gentle hum of a distant lawnmower has been voted the UK’s favourite summer sound, according to new research released today (29 July).

The seasonal noise, which reverberates around the nation's gardens every summer, is likely to strike fear into the heart of many a hayfever sufferer, but nevertheless it pushed the sound of pub garden chatter into second place.

Personally I prefer the sound of crashing waves as I close my eyes whilst lying on a sunny beach.

This made number three in the survey of 2,500 Britons commissioned by Diageo's summer drinks brand, Pimm’s.

Okay, many of you at this point are probably wondering where the sound of a cold beer glugging into a glass came. Well fear not. The sound of drinks being poured over ice arrived in at number six. Not too short of the sound of pigeons cawing (No, me neither).

According to the survey, 76% of Brits feel uplifted by their favourite sound of summer - an antidote to the current unpredictable weather.

How fitting then that the sound of rain should rear it’s ugly head at number ten.

I think the real question should be: What sounds of the summer do we fondly remember from times past?


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