Blog: Chris Brook-CarterLandlord! There's too much gas in my pub!

Chris Brook-Carter | 23 September 2005

Here in the UK we love our pubs. But we also love our garden parties, BBQs and summer fetes. How to reconcile the two seemingly opposed pastimes has obviously been haunting entrepreneurs in this country for too long, because finally there is a solution – the inflatable pub.

The company concerned is called Airquee (which apparently is also responsible for the first blow up church?!?) and it claims its invention can be customised for use as a fully working pub, with room for a bar and 30 customers. The pub is 40-feet long, 19-feet long and 22-feet high.

One has to expect it to be a smoke free zone I suppose, and I can’t see the local darts team will be too popular there either.

For pictures of the inflatable pub, click here


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