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KKK? Oh, for Pete's sake

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 27 April 2004 16:31

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As any successful politician can testify, bad-mouthing the other guy doesn’t hurt your chances of getting into office. So Peter Coors, the chairman of Coors Brewing might think someone is trying to bad-mouth his attempt to become senator of Colarado? If they are, they might want to be a bit more subtle about it.

Last week, the New York Times misidentified Coors as a Ku Klux Klan member who murdered a black sharecropper. The story, concerning a court ruling on Louisiana resident Ernest Avants’ conviction in the slaying, had an accompanying photo. Instead of a picture of Avants, the paper mistakenly printed a photo of Coors.

The Coors campaign for the Republican candidacy found the error “so outrageous it’s kind of funny,” a spokeswoman said. “It could have been worse,” she joked. “Pete could have been identified as (Democrat presidential candidate) John Kerry.”

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