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It's cocktail hour round at Olly's

By: Olly Wehring - 6 February 2007 16:32

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We had friends round for dinner on Saturday night. What started out as a dignified, sophisticated evening - a bottle of fizz to welcome our guests, followed by a bottle or two of vino - soon degenerated into a ‘Who-can-make-the-strongest-gin-and-tonic’ competition.

Should I be proud that I won?

Anyway, a press release today sent me in the direction of this guy - the Funkin’ online virtual bartender.

With an array of one-minute online videos showing you how to mix cocktails, how much fun would THAT have been to follow at 0130 on a Sunday morning? Far more sophosticated than a G&T in which the stirrer can stand upright, I reckon.

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It's cocktail hour round at Olly's

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