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Chris Mercer | 15 January 2010

Brewery blockades, Heineken's deal for FEMSA, alcohol strategy meetings and a trading update from Pernod Ricard - 2010 has started apace.

Just when we thought January's silent news agenda might require us to concoct some nefarious rumour within our good trade, this week has got 2010 off to a running start.

Heineken surprised us and many others by so swiftly securing a deal for FEMSA.

To be honest, we're a little disappointed with the efficiency and amicable nature of the whole thing. No bidding battle, rumours of family tussles or public war of words, just a reasonably straightforward deal at a price everyone agrees is reasonable. Where's the fun in that?

Still, we've seen a little more drama over at A-B InBev in the last week. After announcing job cuts across Western Europe, the brewer has seen workers in Belgium take managers hostage and is now facing blockades at its two breweries in the country.

We've also had an update from world's second largest wine and spirits producer , Pernod Ricard. Sales are picking up and the Chinese are lapping up Martell stocks, but the US spirits market remains a cause for concern. 

Next week could also be eventful. The World Health Organisation is set to meet to discuss its draft alcohol strategy. A current draft includes a lot of proposals on pricing and is likely to make some waves in the sector.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Chris Mercer, deputy editor.





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