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Olly Wehring | 21 January 2010

For those who like to end a hard day with a rich, full-bodied glass of red, or a crisp white, but can’t decide whether to have Mozart or Black Sabbath in the background…Berry Bros & Rudd appear to have the answer.

The UK wine merchant has devised a soundtrack to “enhance the taste and pleasure” of wine by up to 60%. Yes, you can measure it.

The firm’s ‘perfect playlist’ is designed to accompany some of their most popular wines, with research by Berry Bros revealing that people record a change in the taste of a wine depending on the melody they hear.

“The past research suggested that there is a strong link between music and the enjoyment of wine, which makes perfect sense,” says Katie Cooper, Berry’s Wine Club Manager.

“Both evoke strong memories and feelings and, although these are highly personal, it was interesting to see that there were similarities in the songs we chose – we can’t wait to see what our customers come up with.”

Berry’s chairman, Simon Berry, chose Joni Mitchell to accompany an Argentine Cabernet because of its “timeless appeal”, and Master of Wine Alun Griffiths opted to drink Berry Bros Burgundy while listening to Neil Young’s Four Strong Winds.

So whether you like some Mozart with your Mosel or Pink Floyd with your Pinot, Berry’s is asking readers of its wine blog to suggest their perfect music and wine suggestions…


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