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Heineken in league with the Communists?

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 29 July 2005 16:23

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You might get away with accusing the big brewers of this world of many heinous feats. Indeed, judging by some of the off-the-record comments we’re told, some of you often do. But abuse of communist imagery?

A Hungarian group has filed a complaint against Heineken over the red star the company uses on its labelling and advertising. The Financial Times reported yesterday (28 July) that the group wants the Dutch company to change the logo, as the display of symbols of tyranny in Hungary is banned.

“If the court cannot forbid the use of a logo containing a red star, then it will not be able to prohibit cookies with swastikas or teddy bears with an SS logo,” the group’s Gabor Dioslaki told the paper.

Heieneken has defended its logo, telling the FT: “The star was the symbol of brewers in the Middle Ages who believed it to have mystical power to protect the quality of the brew.”

So the Heineken star has been around since the Middle Ages? They should have sued Lenin.

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