Blog: Olly WehringHeineken - blimey, that's cheap. Erm, no, it's not

Olly Wehring | 25 October 2007

The low price of alcohol, beer in particular, has been a major bone of contention between UK supermarkets and brewers for quite some time over here. With the retailers using beer as a loss-leader, driving footfall into stores especially in the run-up to Christmas, we can all look forward to some pretty good bargains in the coming months – whether the brewers like it or not.

However, word reaches just-drinks of a supermarket website which has been taking this cost-cutting to the extreme.

Earlier this week, Asda was selling 20-packs of Heineken bottled beer for GBP0.10 (US$0.21), rather than the GBP10 the cases usually go for.

“Its very rare for something like this to happen,” the supermarket said. "It appears to be human error which has occurred despite our regular checks and diligence."

And then, the killer blow to a good friend of mine, who is looking forward to 24 slabs of Heineken arriving at her house on Saturday morning.

“The disclaimer online makes it very clear that pricing errors like this will not be honoured, so anyone who has attempted to purchase this product at the incorrect price will not receive this product.”

That’s her weekend ruined already, then.


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