Chris Brook-Carter

Gloriously odd-shaped balls

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 24 November 2003 12:03

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I apologise now to all our Australian readers and those from countries that wouldn’t recognise a rugby match from a street riot, but I can’t let Saturday pass by without some sort of celebratory comment.

So. Well done Martin Johnson and all his men, what a fantastic spectacle, achievement and outcome. I promise not to bring it up too often as I pass the Australia stands at the next four London International Wine and Spirits Fairs.

And if you are wondering how I can tie in a rugby match into an otherwise serious bastion of drinks publishing, then, it has been estimated that the UK pub trade sold an extra 7m pints of beer on Saturday. Judging by the state of my head on Sunday it certainly felt as though the vast majority of those were consumed in my local.

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Gloriously odd-shaped balls

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