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By: Chris Brook-Carter - 29 August 2003 13:09

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Those canny New Zealanders may have found a way to combat pollution while mopping up the excess alcohol sloshing around the world, with the country's government giving the green light for cars to be run on vodka.
The Environmental Risk Management Authority yesterday approved allowing ethanol (ethyl alcohol) to be added to petrol at levels up to 10%.
Unfortunately, most ethanol in New Zealand is made from by-products of cheese production and is turned into vodka, so this course of action may not help Southcorp shift any of its unwanted stock.
However, before you lose all heart in this story you really have to read the full report, which must be one of the few examples of news journalism to include the topics of petrol, vodka and cow flatulence all in the same article.,2106,2639670a13,00.html

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