Blog: Olly WehringFiction offers curious clues to fact

Olly Wehring | 10 September 2008

A copy of this book arrived on my desk this morning. The blurb on the back cover offers some intriguing clues as to which companies or individuals this fictional crime thriller has used as inspiration. Who can these inspirations be? Best answer wins the book.

"Struggling to come to grips with the death of her husband and business partner, Sarah Bennett is just beginning to stabilise the precarious financial state of her Atlanta-based wine importing company and get her personal life back in order, when she finds herself embroiled in a bitter battle with the brand manager for Bluestone Cellars, owned by the Addison Group, Australia's largest and most powerful wine conglomerate.

"Sarah is suddenly facing almost certain bankruptcy with the precipitous drop in her Bluestone Cellars wine sales after a series of appalling ratings by Sam Somers, the world's most famous wine writer - ratings that may be more firmly rooted in Somers' personal vendetta against her, rather than in the quality of Bluestone's wines.

"Once in Australia, she travels to the Barossa Valley with the Addison Group's chief winemaker. What should have been a routine tasting trip turns into a nightmare as Sarah stumbles upon a mysterious file that puts the billion dollar Australian wine industry, and her own life, at risk."

Who are these people? Who are these companies? Answers on a postcard.


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