Blog: Olly WehringEnough of the Fluff - #1 in an unending series

Olly Wehring | 15 September 2008

You may remember a blog entry on just-drinks last month highlighting the high levels of 'fluffiness' we have to wade through of occasion to get to the news you really want to hear. Press releases these days appear to be burying the actual reason for their existence under layer upon layer of niceness.

So, in a (probably vain) attempt to shame some companies into skipping to the end, we proudly bring you ' Enough of the Fluff', where we highlight the guiltiest parties...

"Primarily, the menus helped to drive Bacardi Superior Rum’s core mixability message – that Bacardi Superior Rum is an incredibly versatile rum and tastes great when mixed with orange juice, cranberry juice or ginger ale over ice and garnished with a lime wedge."

"Beringer brand manager Lucy Zorina said the work sets a new benchmark for creativity in this market: “There is very little big brand thinking on display in wine advertising, and this is the best creative I have ever seen in the marketplace. Stone Cellars is a truly superb range of wines which deserves superior strategic marketing insight and creative work – and we think we have achieved that.”

"The introduction of Wall E Ice Bops precedes the DVD release of Disney Pixar’s “Wall E”, an endearing robot space adventure filled with humor, action and lots of heart."

Consider yourselves warned!


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