Blog: 'EarlyBird' Twitters catch the worm

Michelle Russell | 13 July 2010

Twitter quietly launched a new account last week - EarlyBird – seemingly primed to channel offers and deals from outside retailers.

Although it is yet to be made public, it seems the site will be used by Twitter as another route to making money, something Twitter neither confirms nor denies, according to The Guardian.

The website appears to be a natural progression of other recently-launched revenue streams, promoted tweets and sponsored trends, which companies like The Coca-Cola Co are already claiming early successes from.

There is no doubt that a lucrative return could be had on a modest investment here.

But, while this new form of advertising is relatively inexpensive compared to online ads, maybe companies using this form of advertising need to tread with a little more caution.

The effectiveness of these ads could be relatively short-lived as users become used to their presence and start ignoring them.

And, of course, you have to take into consideration the whole point of Twitter and such services.

Social media is indeed that – social. This is a point which may be missed by businesses which believe that advertising and one-way promotion is a quick fix on such a channel.

Social media requires interaction on both sides, so it would be wise for businesses to ensure the interaction is there in order to back up any paid-for promotion.


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