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DND - It's World Cup Month

By: Olly Wehring - 8 June 2006 16:10

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Starting tomorrow, for about four weeks, I, like millions of other men around the world, am not leaving the house. The lady has been advised, the boss has been told. It happens once every four years and, damn it, I’m not going to miss a second.

And I know I’m not alone, am I, gents?

So, hopefully this open letter won’t upset the Women of Wine, who have invited me to their summer party later this month, on the same evening that Holland are due to play Argentina. Thank you very much, but I shall be unable to attend.

Apparently, the Women of Wine have made a special exception this year and invited men along to their annual soiree.

Inviting them’s one thing, ladies, but actually getting them through the door during World Cup month? Well, I’d love to see THAT happen.

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Regardless of how the Women of Wine choose to entertain themselves during World Cup fever, take a look at these two sites dedicated to helping us Brits get to grips with the argot of German footie fans: http://www.soccerblog.com/2006/05/are_you_a_schlachtenbummler_a.htm http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/cool/football.shtml


Anon, United Kingdom

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DND - It's World Cup Month

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