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Diageo - That's not what 'bilingual' means!

By: Olly Wehring - 9 February 2012 16:22

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I know it's juvenile. I know it's immature. But...

I was a little confused today, at Diageo's H1 results presentation, when CEO Paul Walsh began talking about "bi-lingual marketing".

What's "bi-lingual marketing", I pondered. Well, according to Walsh, it's one of the methods Diageo is using to appeal to female spirits consumers; by using language that resonates with both men and women in the company's marketing.

Bi-lingual? Appealng to both men and women?

That's a different kind of bi-, surely?

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Bi-lingual marketing has a completely different meaning in the United States than in the UK, I believe. Marketing is itself its own art form in the U.S. where marketers are revered for their prowess of being able to craft effective marketing copy which speaks directly to a particular demographic, gender, denomination, age group. It's part of life in the U.S., a cost of doing business. If you want to complain about marketing, go right to the most despicable form of marketing there is...neural and subliminal marketing, the subliminal messages marketers, including and especially beverage companies are guilty of, which are designed to induce consumers to choose a product without choosing. Read SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION. You can recognize it from the beverage on the cover --



Power Brands said at 4:42 am, May 31, 2012

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Diageo - That's not what 'bilingual' means!

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