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Cork it!

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 12 September 2003 17:08

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In an effort to scrutinise the amount and type of news we are covering here at just-drinks, a colleague and I sat down yesterday to compartmentalise all the different subjects we report on, from M&A activity to harvesting.
It was when we got onto the subject of technology, and in particular the advances made in wine closures, that I commented how all had seemed quiet on that front in recent months.
So it was inevitable, I suppose, that a report from this year's International Wine Challenge - which is run incidentally by the company I used to work for - on the subject of corks arrived yesterday evening.
Apparently, the panel of expert tasters found that nearly one in 20 (4.9%) of the 11,033 corks pulled from bottles had spoiled or flattened the flavour of the wine they were supposed to protect.
Following this discovery, Wine International magazine, the organisers of the competition, held a comparative tasting of wines sealed with natural corks, synthetic corks, screwcaps and even crown-caps. The result? Screwcaps were preferred in 21 out of 40 cases; corks only won once.
If you have any comments on these results please let us know by emailing
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