Blog: Chris Brook-CarterCoke change sooner rather than later?

Chris Brook-Carter | 12 May 2004

Following the announcement of who will replace him as chairman and chief executive at Coca-Cola, it doesn’t look like Doug Daft will be hanging around Atlanta for much longer.

According to people familiar with the matter, Daft has put his home in the area up for sale and has already moved out of his offices on the 25th floor of Coke’s headquarters.

His successor, E. Neville Isdell, is expected in Atlanta within the next fortnight to begin the handover.

A person familiar with Daft’s plans told The Atlanta Journal that he is in the process of buying an apartment in New York, where his two adult children live.

As for Isdell, his Atlanta arrival should be relatively simple, logistically speaking. He already has a home in the city, on a private road in the northwest corner.

When it comes to the actual business of running Coke, Isdell is likely to take the official titles of chairman and CEO around 1 June. Daft had originally said that he will stay with Coke until the end of the year, but he may follow his predecessor and leave early.

When M. Douglas Ivester announced his retirement in December 1999, to be replaced by Daft, he intended to remain as chairman and CEO through to April 2000. However, once Daft came on board, Ivester ended up leaving two months before his initial retirement date.


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