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Coc-Hair Cola

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 7 April 2004 16:21

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A Japanese man is suing Coke over his hair loss, it has been reported. Masaharu Takasu has filed a lawsuit against PT Coca-Cola Indonesia after drinking a bottle of Coke containing a piece of mosquito coil.

Last October, his lawyer claims, Takasu bought a bottle of Coke in the South Jakarta region of Indonesia. He drank two-fifths of the bottle and soon after felt a burning sensation in his throat and chest. Upon inspecting the inside of the bottle, he found a piece of mosquito coil floating on the beverage.

Coke agreed to pay Takasu’s expenses for his hospital treatment and offered him two dozen Cokes for free. Takasu, however, rejected the offer and instead demanded the firm pay compensation, offer an apology and withdraw all bottled Coke from the market until it is confirmed that the products are safe enough for consumption.

“Our client has lost some of his hair since he drank the Coke,” Takasu’s lawyer said.

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