Blog: Chris MercerCarlsberg, Budweiser and the FA: All's well that ends well?

Chris Mercer | 17 June 2011

Everyone has come out smelling of roses - English roses, naturally - from the sponsorship talks on English football.

There's been a bit of a brewhaha this week as Anheuser-Busch InBev and Carlsberg have exchanged blows in a publicity battle for their respective deals with the English Football Association.

From what I know, however, everyone seems pretty chuffed with the outcome.

The FA has got a much-needed shedload of cash. Carlsberg has enhanced its rights around the England national team, including, for the first time, global sponsorship rights.

Also for the first time, the brewer will have access to the face of Wayne Rooney to use in marketing as it sees fit. This is because the footballer has turned 25 years of age (insert your own joke) and so has surpassed the 'Challenge 25' threshold set down by the UK drinks industry's self-regulatory body, the Portman Group.

That said, Carlsberg could ask Coca-Cola Co why that isn't always a blessing.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, meanwhile, has got its claws on the FA Cup, thus extending Budweiser's links to sport in a growing market for the beer brand.

Happily ever after? Well, perhaps not strictly everybody. The bar staff at Wembley stadium will be working overtime to switch the beer fonts.



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