Blog: Chris Brook-CarterCalifornian Postcard #3

Chris Brook-Carter | 6 December 2004

By Olly Wehring

And so Olly’s Excellent Adventure draws to a close. This is my final missive from California, as I return to the dark and dingey world that is December in London tomorrow.

It’s been a fascinating four weeks, and I have seen some of the most beautiful vistas (views in English English), eaten the largest portions of food and met some of the friendliest folk I probably ever will.

I couldn’t leave without thanking a few people who have manned the wildly-flapping webbed feet as I have glided gracefully from vineyard to vineyard.

Many thanks to John McLaren and Venla Freeman at the California Wine Institute in London for arranging so many of my appointments. Much appreciation goes to Chuck Kennedy for taking care of my transport issues in California. And thanks also to all those wine companies I met who fed me so well and plied me with so much Californian wine that I’m going to need to ship it home. At least it sorts out Christmas presents for my parents.

A final word of thanks must go to your esteemed managing editor here at just-drinks, Chris Brook-Carter, who gave the project the green light in the first place, and has been holding the news fort back home while I’ve been away gallivanting in the west-coast sun.

Keep your eyes peeled for some explosive interviews over the coming weeks in our features section. My management briefing on California’s wine industry will be available early next year.

Now, I’m thinking Australia in February might be fun…


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